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The Nightcrawler
Book One: Still Extant Series

The problem with the end of the world is that it’s a gradual process. It keeps getting worse. It tests you until you break, just to see if you can put yourself back together. Caz and her father do what they must to survive the fall of humanity. Hunting when they can, and scavenging supplies from the derelict shells of a deserted city, they rely on each other to make it to the end of each day.The end of each day. A time when darkness falls and the monsters responsible for the collapse of society emerge to hunt.


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I enjoyed the descriptive scene setting which really brings you into the author’s chilling but all too realistic vision of a future world.
The plot and the characters are well balanced and interesting. The moments of excitement and suspense are regular. You won’t want to put this book down.

‘A gripping journey through horror and hope in a chilling post-apocalyptic world”

Praise & Reviews

Highly recommended. A well written fast-paced story, gripping throughout. More of a suspense thriller than horror as suggested by the cover art. An excellent read.

‘An excellent book.'

I was engrossed in the book from the start and didn't want to put it down.... I can't wait for the next issue


The Nightcrawler - Video Reviews

A special thank you to all reviewers!

For indie authors especially, reviews are our lifeblood. Without reviews, nobody would know we exist. Book reviewers are the unsung heroes of the publishing industry. You guys rock!

The Well Read Beard

Very nicely done apocalyptic part 1. Female lead that you care about. Huge buggy monstrosities to worry about. Of course the human horror of a survival style book. Big, huge, yuge reveal/climax early in the book. You aren't expecting this type of event/plot twist this early. For all my thoughts,

E. G. Stone

This week, I reviewed P.A. Sheppard's The Nightcrawler! A surprisingly intense book that, while in possession of bugs, I did enjoy :)

Author bio.jpg

P. A. Sheppard

Writer – Adventurer - Scruffy looking nerf herder.

Paul is a digital nomad and home school teacher to his young son as they travel the world. Currently based in rural Bulgaria. Paul spends most of his time butchering the Bulgarian language, explaining the laws of thermodynamics to a twelve-year-old, and writing dark fiction.

An avid traveller, accomplished martial artist, and less-than-accurate archer—Paul’s bucket list is his blueprint for life.

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